Privacy Policy

We will not disclose your name, email address or any other personal details to any other person, except at your request.

Except at your request, we will not make any details of coins you have listed in our catalog available to any other person.

Listing coins as 'for sale', 'for exchange' or 'wanted' will be treated as a request for their disclosure to any user of Coincat.

When you list coins in your collection as 'for sale', 'for exchange' or 'wanted', they will be visible to any user performing a search. Your name will not be visible to the user, although they will be able to search for all coins you have listed as 'for sale', 'for exchange' or 'wanted'. If a user is interested in any of the coins listed, coincat will send an email to you informing you of this. This email will list the coins they are interested in, and their name, geographic location and email address. If you wish you may then contact the interested party directly. In doing this, you will of course reveal your email address to them.

We, like much of the web use the Google Analytics service to understand how people use the website so we can try to improve our website.

We may use aggregated data of the coins listed in Coincat to improve the information available to all users. Please note that this will not result in details of your coins being given to anyone, but statistics based on all users may be aggregated and used to provide information to users.

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While we make all attempts to do what we say we will, like everyone, we are fallible, and therefore have a disclaimer, which you really should read.