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As well as constantly adding new coins, we have just added higher resolution images to all of our coins, just click on the coin image to see them. Of course, we still have a few new features we are working on which will make Coincat even better. If you are new, please join up, have a look around, and upload your coins to the database.

A few interesting statistics about Coincat:

Coin types listed: over 15,000

Coin types with values: over 4000

Oldest coin: 1721 AD

As you would expect, we are improving the data all of the time, members like you make all of the difference

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Value eg 50
Denomination eg Cents
Catalog Number

Recent additions to the catalog:
Coin Image Coin Image
Macedonia KM 2a
2016 AD
1 Denar
United States KM D
0 ND
1/4 quartet dollar
Salt River Bay
Ireland KM 88
2016 AD
2 Euro
1916 / 2016 / Êire / HIBERNIA

We are constantly working to add types to our database, have a look at the list of countries in the database.