Coin Identifier

Can't identify your coin? Below are listed a number of the more common country names as used on coins and their english equivalents. Click on the link for a list of coins with images and often values for that country.

If this doesn't work, try the image identifier.

Aeba: Bulgaria Bulgaria uses Cyrillic script (as does Russia), this is actually Leva
Aforika Borwa: South Africa
Afrika Borwa: South Africa
Afrika-Dzonga: South Africa
Afrique Occidentale Francaise: French West Africa
Afurika Tshipembe: South Africa
Algerie: Algeria
BE: Belgium
Belgie: Belgium
Belgique: Belgium
Belgisch Congo: Belgian Congo
Bohmen und Mahren: Bohemia and Moravia
Brasil: Brazil
Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Germany
Cechy a Morava: Bohemia and Moravia
Ceska Republika: Czech Republic
Ceskoslovenska: Czechoslovakia
Colonies Francaises: French Colonies
Comores: Comoros
Congo Belge: Belgian Congo
Cote Francaise des Somalis: French Oceania
Ctotnkhkn: Bulgaria Bulgaria uses Cyrillic script (as does Russia), this is actually Stotinki
D'Haiti: Haiti
Danmark: Denmark
Dansk Vest Indien: Danish West Indies
Der Belgen: Belgium
Des Belges: Belgium
Deutsch Ost Afrika: German East Africa
Deutsche Deomokratische: Germany, Democratic Republic
Deutsches Reich: Germany
Dominica: Dominican Republic
Eesti Vabariik: Estonia
Eire: Ireland
Espana: Spain
Estado da India: Portuguese India
Etablisements Francaisde L'Oceanie: French Oceania
Etats De L'Afrique Centrale: Central African States
Etats De L'Afrique De L'Ouest: West African States
Etats Del A'Frique Equatoriale: Equatorial African States
Francaise: France
Gabonaise: Gabon
Grand Di Tosc: Tuscany
Gronlands: Greenland
Guernesey: Guernsey
Guine: Portuguese Guinea
Guine-Bissau: Guinea-Bissau
Guinea Ecuatorial: Equatorial Guinea
Guinee: Guinea
Helvetia: Switzerland
Helvetica: Switzerland
Hrvatska: Croatia
Indochine Francaise: French Indo-China
iNingizimu Afrika: South Africa
iSewula Afrika: South Africa
Island: Iceland
Italia: Italy
Italiana: Italy
Jugoslavija: Yugoslavia
Jurocnabnja: Yugoslavia Approximation, a different alphabet is used
Ka3aketan: Kazakhstan Approximation, a different alphabet is used
Kerajaan Brunei: Brunei
Krolestwo Polskie: Poland
Latvija: Latvia
Letzebuerg: Luxembourg
Liban: Lebanon
Libanaise: Lebanon
Lietuva: Lithuania
Lomb Veneto: Lombardi - Venetia
Macau: Macao
Madagasikara: Madagascar
Magyar: Hungary
Makeaohnja: Macedonia Approximation, a different alphabet is used
Malagasy: Madagascar
Maroc: Morocco
Mauritanie: Mauritania
Medfolketfor Fosterlandet: Sweden
Mexicana: Mexico
Mexicanos: Mexico
Mocambique: Mozambique
Nederl Indie: Netherlands Indies
Nederlanden: Netherlands
Nederlandsch Indie: Netherlands Indies
Nederlandse Antillen: Netherlands Antilles
Ningizimu Afrika: South Africa
Norges: Norway
Nouvelle Caledonie: New Caledonia
Nouvelle Hebrides: New Hebrides
Oesterreich: Austria
Osterreich: Austria
Ozbekiston: Uzbekistan
PCOCP: Russia
Peruana: Peru
Pilipinas: Philippines
Poccnn: Russia Approximation, a different alphabet is used
Polska: Poland
Polynesie Francaise: French Polynesia
Portuguesa: Portugal
Republic Centrafricaine: Central African Republic
Republique Centrafricaine: Central African Republic
Republique du Tchad: Chad
RF: France
Romaniei: Romania
S Tome E Principe: Saint Thomas and Principe
Saint Pierre et Miquelon: Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Shiperise: Albania
Shqiperi: Albania
Shqipni: Albania
Slovenija: Slovenia
Slovenska: Slovakia
Suid Afrika: South Africa
Suomen Tasavalta: Finland
Sveriges: Sweden
Syrie: Syria
Syrienne: Syria
Territoire du Cameroun: Cameroon
Territoire Francais Des Afars et des Issas: French Afars and Issas
Timor Leste: East Timor
Toynknctoh: Tajikistan Approximation, a different alphabet is used
Tunisie: Tunisia
Turkiye: Turkey
uMzantsi Afrika: South Africa
Vaticano: Vatican
VOC: Netherlands East Indies Dutch East India Company
Western Samoa: Samoa The country name has changed
Ykpaiha: Ukraine Approximation, a different alphabet is used
Zuid Afrika: South Africa

If this list doesn't help you, remember that you can search by denomination as well.

A couple of other countries which cause problems - Great Britain does not put the name of the country on their coins, just the Monarch. If you have a coin with Queen Elizabeth or King George (or others) and no country, it is probably from the United Kingdom.