What We Do

Coincat offers a number of services within the one package.

Your own collection - you enter or upload details of your coin collection to our central site.

Coins for sale, wanted or to trade - you enter your wishlist or 'for sale' list, and the world will come to your mailbox. Or you can find those coins you have been looking for.

When you list coins in your collection as 'for sale', 'for exchange' or 'wanted', they will be visible to any user performing a search. Your name will not be visible to the user, although they will be able to search for all coins you have listed as 'for sale', 'for exchange' or 'wanted'. If a user is interested in any of the coins listed, Coincat will send an email to you informing you of this. This email will list the coins they are interested in, and their name, geographic location and email address. If you wish you may then contact the interested party directly. In doing this, you will of course reveal your email address to them.

Even if you do not have your collection listed on Coincat, you may search for and respond to coins others have listed as for sale or wanted.

Online catalog - details and pictures of many coins listed.

While we make all attempts to make sure the data in our catalog is correct, we are fallible, and therefore have a disclaimer, which you should read.

Please remember that the listings of coins for sale etc are not made or verified by us, we cannot accept any liability for errors or misdescriptions they contain.

We take your privacy seriously, but you should read our privacy policy to ensure you are happy.