Cat No Denomination  Shape Language Weight Edge  S
Reverse ImageObverse Image
Reverse Metal (Bullion Weight) 
Obverse Notes Reign  
KM 22
1 Centesimo Round Spanish 3.10 g  Smooth  19.1 mm No coin image No coin image
Written value above sprigs with stars above Bronze 
Bust with headcovering left    
Year Type Mint Mintage Values Icons
0 ND  
1953 AD  
1961 AD   XF EUR0.40
ave EUR0.70
1962 AD  
1966 AD  
1967 AD   ave EUR1.00
1968 AD  
1969 AD  
1970 AD  
1971 AD  
1972 AD  
1973 AD  
1974 AD  
1975 AD   ave EUR0.30
1976 AD  
1977 AD  
1978 AD  
1979 AD  
1980 AD  
1981 AD  
1982 AD  
1983 AD  
No coins for trade Show coins for sale No coins wanted
1986 AD  
1987 AD  
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Year/Type Submitted By Date Submitted Description
This coin is not listed in any sets
Unc EUR1.70
XF EUR0.50
ave EUR0.70